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Shop online for great deals on new and used cars.

We provide market listings to some of the best websites in the United Kingdom for online car sales. These sites are effective in providing information about the price, availability and reviews of car makes and models.

This information will help to ensure that you are well informed in order to buy the right car for you at a competitive price.

The internet is the best place for you to save your time and money when looking for a car dealer to buy or sell your car. Do the investigative ground work on the internet so that you know the market value of your potential car purchase or sale. Research the manufacturers and models that are of interest to you.

Find car dealers that buy and sell the car type that is relevant to you quickly and easily on the internet.

See below for some handy hints when looking to buy an automobile.

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Buying a car checklist;

  1. Do your research. Read online reviews, consumer reports, speak to family, colleagues and friends, compare options, get an indication on service and parts costs.

  2. Consider the alternative fuel options; petrol, gas and diesel. Compare the consumption versus cost and availability of the manufacturer and models that you are interested in.

  3. Decide if you will purchase a new or used car and then narrow your choice to a small number of manufacturers and models that meet your requirements. This will greatly simplify the process to find your next car.

  4. Search online listings for cars that meet your preferred list of manufacturers and models. Use the information you have gained through your research to ensure that you can negotiate a good price for the condition of the car.

  5. Once you have found your potential new car. Take it for a test drive and if you are looking to buy a second hand cars, it may be worthwhile to have the car evaluated to ensure it is reliable and in good mechanical condition.

Dealerships may specialise in;
  • Wholesale cars
  • New cars
  • Used cars
  • Car auctions
  • Ex-lease cars
  • Cars that have been in accidents
  • Repossessed cars
If you are concerned about the environment and the rising price of fuel, a car with proven fuel efficiency may be a perfect option for your conscience and hip pocket.

Fuel economy has always been an important selling factor. This has greatly increased with the rapid rise in petrol prices. Car manufacturers have been quick to realise this and have made fuel economy a very important aspect of their research and development.
Smaller cars have traditionally had better fuel economy, but may not been suitable for your needs, especially if you have a family. Many new smaller car models have focused on maximising interior space and acceleration power relative to the engine size.
Diesel powered cars have become very popular in recent years and are certainly worth consideration.

Hybrid technology is also now available which uses a conventional petrol engine supplemented by electric power. With this technology, a smaller petrol engine is possible, offering better fuel economy, with additional power being available for acceleration using the electric power.